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  • XoPaigeCheerQt

hey im paige and im sure you've seen me walking the halls of degrassi with my best friend hazel or my boyfriend spinner if you need anything else IM me=)

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User Number: 4152573
Date Created:2004-08-11
Number of Posts: 718

*Paige* Degrassi's most popular and prettiest girl. New to being single since her and Spinner have just broken up. Attends Degrassi Community School and is the captain of the spirit squad. Best Friends are Hazel, Marco, Jimmy, and Ashley. Has an attitude and loves shopping and buying new clothes. Currently working at a movie theater with her new friend Alex. Loves hanging with her best friend Hazel.
Strengths: Strengths: Standing up for herself, Cheerleading, Popularity, Shopping, Friendships, Standing up for her friends, Being herself, Not afraid to speak the truth
Weaknesses: Gossiping, Bitchiness
Special Skills: Shopping, Looking Good, Making friends, Cheerleading
Weapons: her attitude
Closest Friends: Hazel, Marco, Manny, Ashley, Emma, Jimmy, Alex, Ellie, Craig, Terri, JT, Sean, Kendra, Darcy, Sully

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