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ok so craig made a post about me being beautiful??? craig i highly doubt that.....i think i...i ummm like ummm....nevermind

xoxo paige
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so today was interesting me and hazel went to craig's and hazel was like craig likes u paige and it was way embarssing but hazel told me afterwards that she really did think so, so i'm wondering if he does well i heard him and ashley got in a huge fight the other day anyways so im just confused well thats it

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sooooo me and spin are back together which is cool...me and hazel went 2 see jimmy today he should be coming back 2 school really soon well spinner invited me and hazel to see his band before and i think we made craig nervous he kept breaking his guitar strings sorry craig! ahahaha lol we'll fix them! well right now im getting ready 2 go out with spinner and then later...spinner, hazel, marco, ashley, craig, and ellie are gonna sleep over since my parents r going out of town! if u wanna join us call my cell lol well i g2g find something cute 2 wear 4 mine and spin's date and the party tonight

Luv and Kisses,
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so jimmy is doing way better in the hospital which is great! im really happy 4 him and hazel, so anyways me and hazel went 2 see terri earlier today she seems really happy in her new private school but wemiss her so much<3 well now im at hazel's so i gotta go ash is gonna come over with ellie and we're gonna watch a movie so i'll write more later xoxox

Survery Time!
--About You--
Name- Paige Michalchuck
Age- 16
Grade- 11
Siblings- older brother Dylan
Location- Canada
Job- yea i work at a movie theater with my friend Alex
School- Degrassi
Status- single....

--This or That--
Pepsi or Coke- pepsi
Pink or Blue- pink
high heels or sneakers- high heels
coach or gucci- coach
The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works- Bath and body works
Hair up or Hair down- up
TV or cell phone- cell
Chocolate or Vanilla- chocolate
Vanilla or strawberry- Strawberry
Skirts or Pants- hard one...probaly pants

Best Friend- Hazel Aden
Closest Friends- Hazel, Marco, Jimmy, Craig, Ashley, Terri, Manny, Emma, Alex, Ellie, Darcy, Sean, JT
Funniest Friend- Jt
Smartest Friend- Marco
Most Stylish Friend- Hazel
Most out going friend- Manny
Shyest Friend- Ellie
Quitest Friend- Marco
Loudest Friend- Emma and Ashley
Tallest Friend- Jimmy
Shortest Friend- Marco
Skinniest Friend- Emma
Fattest Friend- that's me but so me lol
Friend who lives farthest- probally Darcy
Friend who lives closest- craig
Friend you talk to most- Hazel and Marco
Loyalst Friend- Hazel, Ashley, Marco, JT, And Terri

Mom? yea
Dad? yea
Siblings- older brother dylan
how many people are in your family? 4
person you relate to most? dylan
person you trust most? mom

--More About you--
Favorite color- pink
Favorite Song- idk that's hard
Favorite movie- another hard one
Best Friend- Hazel
Hair Color- blonde
Eye Color- blue
Are your ears pierced? yup
How old are you? 16
Can you drive? yea
Are you in love? nope
Do you like someone? not at the moment
Describe yourself in 5 words: Popular, Pretty, Blunt, Stylish, and Fun
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sooooo how was everyones christmas? mine was great! dylan came home 2 visit and then me, marco, and hazel went 2 visit jimmy and after hazel came over 4 a bit<333 well me and hazel have been thinking about the spirit squad there's this new girl darcy we think she'd be a great one 2 be on the team and she seems "cool" or what not so maybe we'll have her be on, ewww remember the time heather sinclair tried out 4 the spirit squad that was a joke ahahahaha right hazel so manny i hope u can bring in that new music 4 the spirit squad next monday alright hun, well me, hazel, marco, craig, ashley, and ellie are gonna go visit jimmy a little later so if u wanna come with us call my cellie kk luv ya guys xoxo

oooohhh new layout? and icon? what do u think?
love ya paige<3xoxo
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what if jimmy never recovers? im worried im sorry hazel, sean left degrassi 2 move back with his parents sorry ellie its just weird why would he do that i have a stupid movie shift right now so i cant update for much longer i wish i could go 2 the hospital tonight but i cant sorry hazel

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heyy everyone jimmy's doing ok i spent the night in the hospital next 2 hazel she's really upset i still cant believe this actually happened im in shock still, anyways im sorry jimmy i hope u get better soon and im sorry sean that happened 2 u i hope ur ok 2 i talked 2 ellie and she said u were doing ok<333 well anyways as for me and spin we're just friends as of now hes really upset about jimmy i guess since they had a fight before that 2 and craig i am sooooooo sorry craig hes like in shock still cause right after jimmy was shot he was there like 3 seconds after it happened i hope everything turns out ok though anyways i really have 2 go and as 4 all the cheerleaders no spirit squad practice tomorrow me and hazel just wont be able 2 make it im sorry

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he's dead and jimmy is almost dead, he almost shot me and he almost shot emma! what the hell is going on im so scared this has been the worst day of my life why did he want 2 kill us all?

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heyy everyone whats up sooooo this week at school has been all drama and im so glad ash and ellie agree with me its being quite annoying now if u ask me they pick on rick so much its not even funny i mean like a little joke here and there is ok but throwing him in the garbage? well thats a little out of hand wouldnt u say and throwing paint and feathers all over him some ppl need 2 grow u know who u r so anyways i heard craig's moving that sucks cause i luv his house its really cool but ash and him r doing really good so that makes me happy anyways hazel and me went shopping today we got the coolest new clothes i luv them well i think im going 2 hazel's in a little with emma so i'll have 2 write more later xoxo

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